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    Currently (01/01/2022) "we are" a team of one. ---> Ghost

    Being heavily involved in NFT's I ultimately wanted my own way to rate/rank NFT's; especially during the mint process. So I've dusted off some cobwebs from my early web dev days and for now, have put myRank.SITE together. As time progresses myRank.SITE will improve, change and dev more into a "Slick ASF" ranking destination.


    Alpha, in short is a term used within the digital world as a stage of production or development. There are numerous builds and names but Alpha tends to be the first initial developmental stage.


    We are powered by Opensea.io and currently support ERC1155, ERC721 & POLYGON collections.


    To get listed, please fill out this [ GOOGLE FORM ]. There is a listing fee of 0.325 ETH or 400 Matic payable before a collection can go fully live.
    This fee covers the costs of adding the collection to myRank.SITE and on going costs. 5% of all listing fees will also be put aside to be donated to a local Australian Koala rescue sanctuary. This fee will be requested via an invoicing system where 50% is requested up front and the remainder to be paid before the collection can go live with ranking.


    In short our algorithm looks at the total amount of NFT's within a collection and the trait occurence within that collection. Our algorithm then scores accordingly with an internal weighting system to assign a trait score. If a collection requires additional scoring for a "trait match" such as a shirt & hat combo, this can be facilitated but an additional charge on top of the "How to get listed?" fee would be required.


    Currently, our collections are updated in 1 hour intervals. This will change over time to different update intervals per collection. Example: A collection which is newer will most likely have far more activity than a collection which is aged at one years old. With the differences in activity levels, the newer collection will ultimately update more often than an aged collection. Current LIVE Minting collections will be updated between 24-48 hours depending on speed new items are minted. This is to ensure no duplication of data and to limit wasted resource.


    All ranking websites have different methods for scoring and their own algorithms. myRank.SITE follows the scoring methodology of; the rarer the traits that NFT has rolled, then the higher the score and better ranking of that NFT.


    myRank.SITE is not offering or giving any financial advice. Do not purchase any NFT's solely on the information provided via myRank.SITE or any other ranking platform availible.
    myRank.SITE takes no responsibility for any financial losses or gains you may or may not make whilst trading NFT's. The information displayed on myRank.SITE is to be used for educational and informative purposes ONLY.


    Please submit a "Contact Us" form with as much detail as possible. All bug reporters will be credited as "helpers" upon release from Alpha.


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